Earn an on going monthly commission from businesses who sign up for a plus2biz.com business listing.
As an "Affiliate" you will create a monthly recurring revenue from putting our "Affiliate Code" on your website and having you promote our Business Directory.
How Much Can You Earn?
Thats a great question and here's what we will do. Through our tracking system, you will have your own unique embedded tracking code. You can embed it into your own website, send it through your email, or post in your Social Media accounts and for each business that creates a listing on our Business Directory, you will receive $10 for every month they remain paying customers.

How much can you earn? Thats up to you. If you want to earn $100 the first month - that's ten businesses signed up. If you have ten one month and ten the next month, you'll earn $100 the first month and $200 the next, and so on and on.

If you're one of the people who considers themselves to be a "Go-Getter", and you sign up 25 businesses a week/100 per month ($10 x 100 = $1,000 monthy commission). And you continue to get the same commission for every business you sign up every month. Meaning, we don't just pay you once, we continue to pay you as long as those businesses remain paying business listings.
What do you do next?
Click on the link below and register to become our Affilaite. Once you are approved, you will log into your back office and pick up the code with your unique ID to place on your website and to use via email. After you have the code on your website, you can start promoting and letting businesses sign up through your link. You can keep track of which business is signed up through the Affiliate back office.

Plus2Biz.com is even giving you a helping hand, by letting you use your own business as the first listing.

Lets get you startred right away. Fill out this form and you also get a 10 Day FREE Trial, so you can get familiar with your back office and how to use the business listing. Click Here To Sign Up Today!